The 2 best iphone camera apps, and they happen to be free!


I mostly use two applications to take and process the images I capture with my iPhone 4s. At the moment I feel they’re the best iPhone camera apps, and they’re both FREE…

best iPhone camera app, Snapseed, Photosynth

Capturing the Moment 

The first app is Photosynth. This application is about the handiest thing I’ve ever used to capture everything around me, and I mean this quite literally. It allows me to grab anything I can see in my 360° field of view. The interface for viewing captured scenes is terrific and is truly what this app is all about.  I can pan up, down, and all around a curved spacial perspective, like I’m physically viewing what I saw and how I saw it (example’s below).  This app is made by Microsoft, so it’s probably tracking all my data somehow, but anymore I kind of take it as read that everything is leaching information off of everything I do regardless of whether I allow it or not…so yeah, I’m just going to keep using it.

The Wave, AZ
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