Blood Moon

I’m going to try see if I can catch a bit of the lunar eclipse tonight…  capturing it back in 2008 was a pretty stellar experience. Perhaps my D800’s 36 megapixel FX sensor and high ISO abilities will allow for a little extra detail this time around….clear skies pending..

Okay, I’m back inside… got a few shots before losing visibility… Here’s one photo that came out pretty swell, prior to the clouds taking over completely…Well, it’s almost 4am, off to bed…

Pretty Lights – Alaska 2014

Such pretty lights: The Aurora Borealis from Colorado Creek Cabin in the Chena River Valley, Alaska – March 20th, 2014. I manually merged this 92 megapixel, 360° field of view of the Alaskan sky.

aurora rainbows

Our last night in Alaska we decided not to sleep. Though the aurora didn’t show up very strong until just before dawn, seeing and capturing this dynamic rainbow certainly worth a little sleep deprivation.


Aurora Borealis by Gabe DeWitt

Here’s the link to my blog post on how I make these world like images.

The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, captured during some of the last peaking activity of 2014. This video is comprised of still images from my D800 and a GoPro, taken March 13th-22nd. It’ll be another 11 years until the Aurora’s intensity and predictability will align again as to warrant another adventure to witness such pretty lights. Music by Emancipator – Eve

Aurora Borealis - Chena River Valley, Alaska - March 20, 2014


A vertical panorama of the aurora captured on the Vernal Equinox during a wild gust of solar winds in the Chena River Valley, Alaska – March 20th