Instagram Takeover for AAC

I’m Feeling super stoked to be featured by one of the predominant climbing/outdoor organizations I follow (and proud member of). This week I got invited to takeover the American Alpine Club’s Instagram account.

Today is day 4 of the Instagram takeover, and I’m searching for something fresh to post… I went cross country skiing last night out to Coopers Rock, and I think one of those photos might be today’s bid for attention…we’ll see. I haven’t decided yet.

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A few days before I started the takeover, I ran some data query’s via the Instagram API on AAC’s account. Without digging too hard, I found a few nuggets of data that have really helped me maximize my outreach this week on the AACgram. I plan to write a how-to post on conducting your own Instagram Analytics using Excel and the Instagram API…so stay tuned for that in the next week or so.

Below are my photos thus far, Featured by American Alpine Club on their Instagram.

(update)- I did use the night skiing picture yesterday.