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National Geographic Adventure – Yosemite

Just had one of my photos pop up on National Geographic Adventure’s Facebook page. It’s the last one in the video. Your Shot: Yosemite National ParkExplore the timeless beauty of Yosemite's granite cliffs and towering waterfalls through the lenses of our #YourShot photographers.Posted by National Geographic Adventure on Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Winter Storms & WV Skiing

On January 20–22, the governors of eleven states and the mayor of Washington, D.C. declared a state of emergency in anticipation of significant snowfall and blizzard conditions. Approximately 103 million people were affected by the storm, with 33 million people under blizzard warnings. More than 13,000 flights were cancelled in relation to the storm, with […]

America’s Pulse

America’s Pulse, a Tableau Generated Chart and Map measuring the 435 State Representatives by their respective PVI and State. PVI (partisan voting index) is a measurement of how strongly a United States congressional district or state leans toward the Democratic or Republican Party, compared to the nation as a whole. ~wiki Each U.S. state is […]

Cubs Win NLCS Trophy – Shimrock Wood Art –

Notes from Shim Warren C. Giles Trophy awarded to the winner of the NLCS (National League Championship Series) Writing by Dana Shimrock In the Spring of 2014, a representative of the National Baseball League contacted me. He had received a recommendation from someone familiar with my work who knew I had done some sports trophies […]